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Let's talk    

SO’BiO étic launched their first physical event in the US

Santa Monica, California

We won’t surprise anybody by saying that in the digital age, brands can launch and thrive using only digital channels for marketing, communications and sales, and we all probably have a few examples in mind.

But to create experiences that resonate with the consumers and really embody the values of a brand, physical presence is sometimes one of the strongest tools a brand can have.

This is why we helped SO’BiO étic organize their first event in the US since their online launch last summer - the SO’Beauty Day. As SO’BiO étic is a strongly committed brand when it comes to ethics and clean beauty, it was important to make sure that their event would carry out values of sustainability, self-celebration, authenticity and French slow living style. 


We hosted the event in Santa Monica, California where well-being is king, and we gathered a few influencers and one of their followers to connect around yoga classes, a French vegan meal inspired by the key organic ingredients from SO’BiO étic skincare lines and a flower crown workshop. As all our guests are involved in clean beauty and sustainability, this event was a great way to discuss sustainable cosmetics, organic certifications and the importance of natural ingredients.   



The SO’Beauty Day also allowed the guests to discover and try some of the products from the brand… and to pick first favorites! Having people with various age and skin concerns was a great way to see what products currently available in the US generated the most interest and which lines were most expected in the future. 



To conclude the event, and on top of their favorite products to try, the guests were given a few sustainable goodies: an organic US cotton tote bag, reusable cotton pads, organic teas, a reusable bottle made from ocean bound plastic by Ocean bottle and a tree planted in their name.


With guests sharing their experience online, the event gathered 189k+ views with an engagement rate of 12% and stories view completion of 85% on average. A great way for SO’BiO étic to further their presence in the US.