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Advertising soccer in the US? We say yes!

Discover the Manchester City Soccer Academy programs

Soccer might not be the #1 sport in the US, but it still does gather a great community of fans and amateur players here, and our French hearts can’t resist feeling connected to it, especially when the Manchester City Soccer Academy asks us for help with their promotion!

The MCSA is present in the US to help children foster their passion for soccer, with coaches recruited and trained by Manchester City, through various programs, for all ages and skill levels. Focusing on fun and team-play, MCSA trains hundreds of children a year, in centers on the East and the West coasts. 

To help them recruit their classes for 2022, and especially the upcoming 3v3 summer camps, we organized a photo and video shoot in one of their Californian centers that we utilized for an integrated digital marketing campaign: ads, social media, emailings.