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Who we are

We are an international and independent brand performance agency, playing as a team, to make our clients succeed!
Digital / communications / advertising agency / partner / boutique / consulting firm ... Call us as you wish, but first and foremost call us if you are looking for new answers to your business challenges!
We don’t believe in the classic client-agency model. We see ourselves as your business partners and behave as such… from the very small to the big ones.

Creative in theory and practice, methods and ideas. Independent in soul and heart, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a heart this big.
We want to work with you, know everything about your day-to-day operational needs as well as your longer-term challenges.
We can even become friends… but only if it’s mutual.

To serve our clients’ business challenge and to enable them to achieve their goals. To make them game changers that impact positively tomorrow. With top-level advice and execution, fast and well, in the right tempo. That’s what it means to be “creative partners”.

One more thing...since we're based in 3 continents where new ideas are emerging (LA, Paris, Dakar), we leverage our international network to ensure the growth of your business.
We're the experts that can pivot your business towards international development.

5 offices, 1 community

Los Angeles
1733 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, 90291 Venice, CA

7 rue de la république, 69001 Lyon

21 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 75011 Paris

Dakar SN 32339, Dakar, Senegal

7 Rte de Lamastre, 07300 Tournon-sur-Rhône