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How to find the right tone of voice and audience for a US company entering the French market


The needs

US-based Splice, a key platform for music creators when it comes to samples and tools, wanted to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns in France, a market in which they identified a big business potential.







"Splice is one of the world's leading providers of high quality royalty-free samples and music software. We recently began a marketing effort to test demand for Splice in key international markets. We chose Insign based on their track record of helping brands successfully reach customers in France. Insign was a great partner to Splice and methodically helped us build a deep understanding of potential French customers, an effective digital marketing strategy based on that research, and excellent creative execution to deliver strong results for our test campaign."
Paul Kim - Interim Chief Marketing Officer, Splice






The answer

With a great brand identity and tone of voice developed in the US market, we decided to start the work by better understanding their French users through market research. Based on the insights we identified, we decided to test 3 different approaches through a digital and social media campaign.

Our team of French copywriters and art directors worked on translating the tone of voice into French while adapting the messages to match the various types of audiences and angles identified.

We also identified and worked with French influencers on high-virality platforms such as TikTok to promote Splice to their community and boost brand awareness and trust.




The results

  • An overall well-performing campaign that boosted sales and conversion in France

  • Best format & angles identified for future campaigns in France

  • Baseline, taglines, and ad copy in France faithful to the US brand identity but resonating for French audiences