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How to improve the global performance of a brand in the tech industry


The needs

With the launch of a new product for the first time since their original software release, Scality - an international data storage & management solution provider - wanted to reassess the performance of their current marketing strategy and improve the visibility of their brand.





The solution

After a full audit of their marketing performance using the marketing ScoreCard, we decided on the best action plan that began with the brand. Going back to the root of their philosophy, their unique offer and mindset in their industry, we collaboratively worked on their positioning, and developed the creative territory and tone of voice that would reflect it.

To improve the performance of their marketing efforts, we redesigned their website to improve UX, SEO and lead generation and we implemented new digital campaigns strategy to leverage test & learn, improve visibility and conversion rates.

To work on brand visibility, we ensured that the new positioning, branding and tone of voice was consistent across all touchpoints (digital, social, sales, internal communications, events, content, etc.).

This entire rebranding and marketing process was led over 6 months and was launched of with the release of ARTESCA, a kubernetes-based cloud native data management software, for which we worked on naming, branding, UI design, positioning, 360° campaign and marketing material.






The results

  • 150+ qualified leads generated 4 months after launch

  • CPL / 2 in 3 months

  • Full digital, print & event marketing rebranding in 6 months