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How to successfully crowdfund an electric bike launch in the US

The needs

As part of their international development strategy Fuell, an electric bikes company, needed help with their launch in the US, from finding and engaging with the right audience to finding funds.

The answer

Identify the right value proposition that resonates in the US market through test and learn to find the most relevant audiences and activate them through the most efficient channels.

Once the product-market fit was validated with real-person testing, we were able to deploy the launch plan:

  • developing best creative direction to translate the product positioning, brand image and tone of voice
  • deploying the communications and marketing assets (name, logo, digital playbook, packaging, photoshoot)
  • identifying tribes to target precise audience
  • using a crowdfunding campaign to build and launch the brand
  • implementing of a tailored media strategy (content creation an diffusion) to grow their community on social media 

The results

4 months: the time it took to start the company from scratch, build the brand and launch the digital ecosystem

$900K: pre-sales generated through crowdfunding in 1.5 month

15,000: number of prospects embedded in the database in 1 month